So slowly work with your smoothing tool to push these bumbles out the sides where your seams are. Place long strips of double stick tape along the top edge wallpapers of your wall on top of the painter’s tape, and adhere your sheet of wallpaper to it. Now you’ll basically end up going underneath the wallpaper to do the rest. Ahead of the project, I researched all the tips and tricks I could find—some of which I used, some I didn’t. Although I’m a firm believer in reading directions, I’m also overconfident in my ability to complete a task perfectly on the first try.

You can make the changes directly on your Apple Watch or use the Watch app on your smartphone. For the first method, access the screen settings and choose your wallpaper. For the second method, open the Watch app, tap the Face Gallery, and choose the Photo Face. To change your Apple Watch’s background to the photo of your choice, all it takes is to head into your iPhone’s Watch app and add a watch face display. You can add multiple watch faces to your Apple Watch, and easily swipe left or right on the display to switch faces. You can also create and delete a watch face on the Apple Watch alone, but it’s easier to do this in the iPhone’s Watch app.

TrollLock Reborn masks the Lock Screen’s Face ID glyph with an animated Troll Face on iOS 15.x-16.1.2

“Instead, consider a complementary paint color,” he encourages. Before you begin, note that peel-and-stick wallpaper typically adheres best to walls with a smooth texture and an eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss finish. Check the wallpaper manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the product will stick to your type of walls. If your wall is dark and your wallpaper is light, prime and paint the wall a lighter color before installation so the existing wall color doesn’t show through. Then allow it to fully cure before installing—at least 2 weeks.

If it is textured, then a brush (about 10 cm / 4 in.) is better. Using very little wallpaper glue when putting up your paper will also cause the seams of the covering to show after some time. Without enough glue, the wallpaper will not stick well to the wall, and it will start showing or even peeling at the seams in no time. Priming again on top of the drywall patch will keep it from being more porous than the painted wallpaper around.

How to change your current home screen wallpaper from the lock screen in iOS 16.1

Customize the Portrait watch face as desired, then select ADD. Select Choose Photos, then navigate to and select the desired photo. From the Watch app, select the Face Gallery tab then navigate to and select Portraits. From your paired iPhone, navigate to and select the Watch app. In fact, you can right away opt for over a dozen different backgrounds, depending on what mood strikes you at any given moment or day. Your Apple Watch comes equipped with a bunch of different ways to change the look of your watch from the moment you take it out of its packaging and put it on your wrist.

But, without configuration, they don’t do anything. First introduced through watchOS 8, users now have the ability to bring Portrait photos from their iPhone directly over the watch face. Once you’re done tweaking the design, tap ‘Add’ on the top right and it’ll automatically save to both your Watch app and your Apple Watch.

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