How To Add Contacts To Whatsapp From Iphone

Can you please mention which packages add into last piece of code ? Because I’m new to android development and I tried that code but it shows error on startActivity; portion i.e. cannot find symbol.. Well I Am Afraid there is no direct api/ method to send a single message to multiple numbers officially. But as someone in other comments suggested using appium or something that can really find the send button and automatically push the message.

If someone has opened the WhatsApp messaging app on his/her device and the device has an internet connection, then you will see the text online below the name/number of the contact. This feature is always available and cannot be hidden by anyone. And, if your number is blocked by someone, then you will not see the text online for that contact anymore. Two BLUE check marks mean the message has been sent, delivered, and read. Before clearing data from your whatsapp mobile app, I recommend you to;backup your whatsapp account;in order not to lose all your whatsapp files, chats or messages.

Tap ‘Install’ and wait for WhatsApp the app to be downloaded and installed. Turn on the permission to modify and read your contacts. Yes, you invite members to the group with the invitation link. This allows you to collect data, track conversions and build more targeted audiences.

WhatsApp gets the characteristic to see who’s spied on your status. Nonetheless, at this point, you have the remedy to fool WhatsApp rather than get listed. Lately, WhatsApp developed the attribute to discuss status only to those men and women that are on your contact list. In there locate the sticker bar and then in there kindly do long-press the stickers to want to remove from the library list. VPN will not help you if your whatsapp is configured with Etisalat number or DU number.

How To Schedule Whatsapp Message On Iphone

If you don’t see someone’s profile photograph and status —the reason could be that the person has removed photo and status. The other possible reason is that s/he has blocked you. There is no sure-shot way to say that someone has indeed blocked you on WhatsApp. Say i sent a message whilst having my connection to any internet turned off then uninstalled whatsapp, cleared my phone cache, google play cache and data, same with google play services. Baring in mind this message has not left my device, when i reinstall WhatsApp, will this message still send as soon as i reconnect?

Privacy Involved In Whatsapp And Facebook Messenger

But, to block someone you have many ways to do that. This release includes significant user interface changes and many new features that are different from the SonicOS 6.2 and earlier firmware. The below resolution is for customers using SonicOS 6.5 firmware. On your Chats list, select your conversation thread with the unknown number. WhatsApp has the advantage of identifying all its users but not all social networks or online locations will do that. Anonymity is essential in some countries and for some subjects.

There are a ton of other messaging apps that are pretty decent, like imo, Hike etc. However, if you are looking for an app to replace WhatsApp, the aforementioned apps are the best ones you can use. While none of these apps will match the user base that WhatsApp boasts of, they are more than good enough to replace it as far as features nad privacy are concerned. So, try out these WhatsApp alternative apps and let us know your favorite instant messaging app in the comments section below. It’s a great app for anyone who wants to securely converse with other users. That’s why, Signal is quite popular with journalists.

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